Energy & Money Management

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Albany County has a variety of programs and educational resources on energy conservation and energy savings.

Energy Programs

Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP)

HEAP is an energy assistance program which helps individuals to pay for their heating bills. 

Income guidelines, documentation needed and application forms are available on Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance (OTDA) website:

Monthly Income Eligibility Guidelines



Weatherization prevents cold air from entering and heat from leaving a home or apartment. Weatherization’s main purpose is to ensure the efficient heating of your home or apartment, resulting in lower heat bills and greater comfort.


Cornell Cooperative Extension offers home audits to qualified low-income homeowners and landlords.  The auditor will use the results of the inspection to decide which energy efficient measures will be done on the home.  A trained professional will complete the weatherization work.


Weatherization services are free to income-eligible homeowners.  There is a small charge to landlords, if occupants are eligible.  Call 765-3539 for further information on this program.

Download Weatherization Brochure
Download Weatherization Application


Weatherization Referral and Packaging Program (WRAP)

The program identifies and refers HEAP-eligible seniors for home weatherization services to help them stay warmer in winter with lower utility and fuel bills. The free program includes an energy audit. The service plan may include replacement or improvement to: insulation, weather stripping, old windows or doors. Eligibility for other programs (e.g., food stamps) will also be determined through this application process.

Income guidelines are available at Albany County Department for Aging website:



EmPower NY assists low and limited income residents with cost-effective electric reduction measures, particularly lighting and refrigerator replacements, as well as other home performance strategies such as insulation, and health and safety measures.


The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) contracted with Honeywell International to implement the EmPower NY program.  The energy efficiency services are delivered by private contractors and participating weatherization agencies all of who are Building Performance Institute (BPI) Accredited.


Call 765-3534 for further information on this program.


CCE Albany County: Financial Management Workshops

Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) Albany County offers financial management workshops on a variety of topics. Each workshop runs 45 minutes in length. Please choose the workshop(s) that work best for your group!

To receive more information or schedule a workshop, contact CCE Community Educator Maria DeLucia-Evans at 518.765.3559 or

“Back to Budgeting Basics”
Learn tips and strategies to improve your basic budgeting skills. This workshop will help you set financial goals, track monthly expenses and create a working budget. Learn how to keep your budget organized and on track.  

“Community Resources 101: Redefining Income and Stretching the Family Dollar”
For any number of reasons, it can become a struggle to make ends meet. This workshop focuses on redefining income, and finding ways to supplement monthly incomes. Paired with basic budgeting tips, you will discover programs, services, and community resources that can help fill the gap when budgets are stretched as far as they can go.  

“Energy Budget Basics:  Low-cost/No-Cost Way to Lower Your Home Energy Bills”
Our energy budget comprises one of the biggest pieces of our overall budget, especially during the winter months. Learn how to reduce energy costs through low-cost/no-cost tips and practices. Also learn how to apply for available energy assistance programs.

“Credit Card Smarts & Managing Debt”
Do you use a credit card that charges a monthly fee? Are you juggling high credit card bills? In this workshop, you will learn how to select and use credit wisely. Also learn strategies for paying down and prioritizing existing debt.

“Understanding Your Credit Report & Score”
Learn how to obtain and review a free credit report, understand a credit score, and rebuild credit.

“What’s Your Money Personality?”
This workshop will allow you to reflect on personal money values, and how these values impact financial decision making styles. Learn about your “Money Color” by identifying money personality traits, and how these traits influence money habits and attitudes.

“Money & Communication—Strategies to Avoid Financial Conflict”
Learn strategies to avoid conflict over money matters and financial decisions. Understand the relationship between money and emotion, and learn how to work with a partner on making money choices that reflect compromise, negotiation, and shared goals.

“Financial Fitness for Teens”
Through basic budgeting activities, this workshop aims to provide teens with a foundation in basic money management. Teens will also explore the importance of savings, and learn simple steps to becoming more effective and thoughtful with their finances.

“Credit Card Smarts for Teens”
Teach your teens the value of credit and how to use credit cards wisely. This workshop emphasizes the potential pitfalls and risks when using credit. Teens will gain the knowledge they need to make good decisions when faced with credit card offers and incentives, ultimately affecting their long-term financial goals and stability.

“Healthy Money Habits for Kids, & Their Parents, Too!
This workshop is designed to provide elementary-aged kids a fun introduction to money management topics.  We explore attitudes about money, how to set goals, the importance of saving, and making good spending choices.   The workshop will emphasize how kids can create healthy money habits, and how parents can reinforce these messages. 

“Personal Finance for College Students”
In this workshop, college-bound and current students will gain valuable information on setting financial goals, creating a budget, and keep tracking of expenses. Students will also learn the basics of credit card management, and how to avoid credit card debt.

“Raising a Money Smart Kid”
Research shows that parents are the main source of financial education for their children. This workshop guides parents and caregivers in creating daily conversations about money, including age-appropriate activities and messages. Learn how to help your child develop responsible money habits. 



Care & Share

Emergency fuel assistance for seniors and disabled customers. The program is funded by the American Red Cross.

For eligibility guidelines and more information, please contact 518-756-8650.

Energy Resources & Useful Links

Basic Energy Saving Tips

Home Energy Conservation Websites

Check out these Savings!

Federal Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency

A Do-It-Yourself Guide to ENERGY STAR Home Sealing
(Sealing air leaks and adding attic Insulation)  Free pdf file available from U.S. EPA at:

ENERGY STAR Home Energy Yardstick
Use the ENERGY STAR Home Energy Yardstick to compare your home's energy efficiency to similar homes across the country and get recommendations for energy-saving home improvements from ENERGY STAR.  Go to:

Energy Federation

This is an internet site that is essentially a one-stop-shop for an array of resource conservation-related products that are typically difficult to find through conventional distributors and retailers.  All types of weatherization products including; weather striping, caulks, spray sealants, energy efficient lighting, exhaust fans etc.

Federal Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency